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There are very few books on mancalah games. The only one listed here for sale is out of print, but Amazon will query there resources on your request. There are however general games books which carry good sections on mancalah games.

Nr Author Title ISBN Description
1 Larry Russ Mancala games 0917256190 Allthough this book is out of print, Amazon will query its network of used bookstores.
2 Jack Botermans

Tony Burrett

Pier van Delft

Carla van Splunteren

The world of games: their origins and history, how to play them, and how to make them. 90 274 18411 (dutch)

0816021848 (english)

This book is a general games book, and also out of print. Both the Dutch and English versions carry a nice section on mancalah games, describing 2 variants I did not see elsewhere.
3 Several authors Games and Puzzles This famous magazine from the sevnties did have some articles on mancalah games. I do not know which issues, but keep an eye open on 2nd hand markets.

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