Acquiring by skill
Number of players: any
Time: normal
Materials: pencil and paper for all players

All normal rules of Monopoly apply, except where modified below.

The rule stating that a player who arrives at an unsold square has the option to buy that square, introduces a large element of luck into the game.

Instead, use the following:

  1. Whenever a players token arrives a a square which is held by the Bank, the street is auctioned by the Bank.
  2. All players secretly write down their bid, and all bids are revealed simultaneously.
  3. The street is sold to the highest bidder.
  4. If two players offer the same (highest amount), these players only have a second round of bidding, after which the highest bidder buys the street.
  5. If a player writes down a bid and does not have the money to pay it, he must sell other belongings in order to fullfill his obligations. Selling the newly bought street may be a part of this.

Wayne Schmittberger, editor in chief of Games, came up with:
  1. Whenever a player arrives at a square held by the bank, the street is put up for auction.
  2. The player getting there may bid first. If a bid is made, it should be at least the mortgage value.
  3. Going round clockwise, all other players may bid more. Players may bid more than once, and may bid even after they passed.
  4. The street is sold to the highest bidder.
  5. Players may not bid more than they can pay (of course, they may bid more than cash at hand by including taking mortgage)