Banking is banking
Number of players: any
Time: longer than normal
Materials: pencil and paper

All normal rules of Monopoly apply, except where modified below.

A bank may is a financial institute which lends and borrows money. The Bank in Monopoly does not trade money (except for the mortgage option), it trades streets.

This variant modifies the mortgage rule into something more realistic.

  1. At any moment in the game, a player holding streets may take a mortgage on this street.
  2. When a player asks the bank for a mortgage, the bank loans him half the listed value of the street/company. The card is flipped over.
  3. Players may take mortgage on streets with houses and/or hotels. The amount of mortgage is increased with 50% of the new value of all houses and hotels on the street.
  4. When a player passes START, he pays 10% of the mortgage to the Bank as interest.
  5. Thus if the listed price of a street is $20.000, he may take a mortgage of $10.000. When he passes START, he pays interest of $1.000 (being 10% of $10.000) to the Bank. He does so when he leaves the START square, and so has the option to pay mortgage with newly acquired money.
  6. A player receives ALL income for a street with mortgage, and for its houses.
  7. A player who cannot pay his interest, will have to take additional mortgages or sell property in order to carry out his obligations.
  8. Players may not borrow money among them.
  9. A mortgage may be ended any time by paying back the borrowed sum. Interest IS being paid for the current round around the board.
  10. Players may build on streets with mortgage.