Number of players: any
Time: shorter than normal
Materials: 1 Monopoly game,
1 card game (2 if more than four players participate)

All normal rules of Monopoly apply, except where modified below.

The ruleset says that a player advances around the board by rolling 2 dice. Rolling the dice introduces a large amount of luck, both in the early and in the later stages of the game. This variant changes the way of movement, allowing players a greater amount of skill than in the standard game.

  1. Take all cards Ace through 10, discarding Jack, Queen and King. Shuffle the deck, and deal each player four cards. The remaining cards (Not the J,Q, and K) are put onto a stack.
  2. Note that every player has his own stack of 10 cards, from which he draws new cards and adds played cards (discarded cards are shuffled and turned again when the stack is depleted) .
  3. Instead of rolling 2 dice to determine the number of squares to advance, a player discards one of the cards in his hands and advances that number of squares.
  4. All actions for arriving on that square are handled in the normal way.
  5. When a player has no cards left in his hand, he takes 4 cards from the stack.
  6. When the stack is depleted, the discarded cards are reshuffled and turned around to make the new stack.
  7. Players may not trade or swap their playing cards.

This variant greatly changes the relative value of the streets, as players are usually able to avoid the hotels on the most expensive streets. In fact, rule 5, stating that a player receives new cards only when he has played all his cards, was added because of a player has 4 cards all the time, the high prices never will be paid. But when a player is down to 1 or 2 cards, he may be forced unto a square he would certainly have avoided if he could.