To be in prison is a shame! I
Number of players: any
Time: shorter than normal
Materials: pencil and paper

All normal rules of Monopoly apply, except where modified below.

Allthough its inventors no doubt had a educative aim in mind, Monopoly in its present form advocates ill behaviour: In the final stages of the game its a luxurious position to be turned into the jail! Also, a player is turned into gaol for no criminal offence whatso ever.
Therefore I introduce two new variants: First, it's no longer nice to be in jail. Second, the Go To Jail is removed. Instead, players are provided with a series of criminal acts which they can but need not execute.

With the following rules it's no longer a pleasure to be in jail:

  1. A player who goes to jail, may no longer receive income through CHANCE-cards or passing START (or JACKPOT, if that variant is used).
  2. A player in jail puts a jail-card below his counter and moves around the board paying rent in the normal way.
  3. Players cannot get out of jail by payment.