Number of players: any
Time: shorter than normal
Materials: none

All normal rules of Monopoly apply, except where modified below.

The rule set suggests that players distribute a number of cards at random among them. In that way the already large element of luck is increased.

This variant is aimed at a shorter than usual game, but with more skill than provided by the normal option for a quick game.

1. Take all the streets, and arrange them from cheap (top) to expensive (bottom of the stack). Do not include companies and railway stations - these will have to be bought in the normal way of arriving on the corresponding square.

2. Every players starts the game with 50% more money than listed in the rules.

3. All streets are auctioned, starting with the cheapest and ending with the most expensive one.

4. One player takes the role of auction-master. He may bid as well as the other players.

5. A street starts at 50% of its listed value. Players may bid more, and the street is sold to the highest bidder.

6. If no player wants to buy a street (at least mortgage value), the street is added to the stack with stations and companies. It will have to be bought later in the normal way, by arriving on its square.

7. After the auction, play starts in the usual way.