Number of players: any
Time: longer than normal
Materials: pencil and paper

All normal rules of Monopoly apply, except where modified below.

Players sometimes collect large amounts of money and have no possibility to do anything with it, for example because all eligible streets already have hotels on them.

This variant provides a system in which the players can put the money at the bank and collect interest.

  1. A player who has more money than he or she wishes to use, may lend the money to the bank. He/she may:
  2. The bank pays an interest of 10% every time the player passes START, if the player has chosen the fixed interest option.
  3. The value of the shares is redetermined every time a player passes START.
  4. One die is rolled:
  1. The amount is still worth 80% of the previous value
  2. The amount is still worth 90% of the previous value
  3. The value remains unchanged
  4. The value is increased 10%
  5. The value is increased 20%
  6. The value is increased 40%.
    Players may ask their money back at any time.

Oh, YCDBSOYA of course stands for: You Can Co Business Sitting On Your Arse.