Word Games Plaza: Holiday

Holiday is one of the sequential word games, and suitable for kids in a car, especially, of course, when going on holiday. We played in in our family while having dinner, and even Joella, 7 years old, had little trouble playing this one.

Number of Players: any

Age: 7+, depending on ability.

Materials: None

Time: About 5 minutes

Object of the Game:


To start:

The players should agree on a category. 'Animals' proved (in the dutch language) to be a good category, well known to kids, and with sufficient diversity in the final letter.

How to Play:

The end:

As soon as a player cannot name a new species, the previous player wins.

Kids Fun Rating

our four kids rated the fun of this game (1 is awfull, 10 means 'play this always')
Piet-Jan (11) 8
Margreet (10) 7
Klaas (9) 5
Joella (7) 10