Domino - The Bingo game

The bingo game is a draw game. The similarity of the name to a town in Norway suggests a relationship but I have been unable to find confirmation.

Number of players
The game is for 2 players only.

as usual, about 5 to 10 minutes

One double 6 domino game.

Object of the game
The winner is the first player to score 7 sets. Sets are awarded for scoring points.

The deal
All bones are shuffled face down. Each player receives 7 dominoes. The remaining 14 dominoes are left in the middle and are the stock, usually called boneyard. The first player is chosen by lot. The second player determines trump by turning over one domino from the boneyard. The higher number of this domino becomes the trump suit. Blanks are counted as seven . The domino drawn to detremine trump is added to the boneyard but must be drawn last.

Play begins as the first player leads any domino. The higher pip is the (trump) suit led.

The rules

  1. The game consists of a number of tricks. A trick consists of two dominoes.
  2. The player who plays the first domino in a trick is called having 'the lead';
  3. The player who playes the second domino of a trick does not need to follow suit as long as the boneyard is not exhausted;
  4. The second player in a trick must follow suit if he can once the boneyard has been exhausted. If the boneyard has been exhausted and he cannnot follow suit, he must play trump (or bingo). If he can do neither, he may play any domino;
  5. The trick is won by:
  6. The winner of a trick may first draw one domino from the boneyard, then the losing player may draw.
  7. The first player in a trick may close the boneyard by turning a trump domino played face down rather then drawing a domino. Once a player has done so, play proceeds as if the boneyard were empty;
  8. The winner of a trick playes the first domino in the next trick;
  9. Points are awarded after each trick:
  10. The player with the lead may, if (s)he holds two or more doubles, declare this doubles by showing them and lead a double. If (s)he wins this trick (s)he scores extra points:

The end
The game ends when the boneyard has been exhausted or closed, and all other dominoes have been played. The winner is the first player to score 7 sets.

a) A player receives 1 set for scoring 70 points;

b) The first player to score 70 points receives: 

c) 1 set if a player takes the double of trump with 'bingo';

d) 2 sets if the opponent fails to score 70 points when closing the boneyard.

Suggestions welcome.

Rules have been taklen from Jim Robinsons domino site, which no longer seems to be active. Jim's source of information was Gyles Brandreth's The World's Best Indoor Games

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