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The Railway Rivals game has been designed / invented by David Watts, Wales, UK. There has been a german version under the name Dampfross, published by Schmidt, and a Dutch version "Tussen de rails" by Jumbo.

The Railway Rivals game is played on a map, and consists of two stages:
a) a building stage in which players struggle to build the most effective railway net by drawing railways between cities on the map.
b) The racing stage in which players race across the railway lines.

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About 70 maps have been published. Here are some, including the number of players:

You can find a description to most of these maps at the map descriptions. Don't email me for a copy, as most are either copyrighted by David Watts or by Schmidt.

David Watts runs Rostherne Games, which sells the above games, and accepts mail orders at Rostherne Games, 102 Priory Rd, Milford Haven, Dyfed SA73 2ED, UK. At the moment (june 1997) his prices are:
Original format, tubed: 8.50 pounds. Includes special die, eraseable pencils, rules, train counters and one map.
A2 maps: L&L, Ireland, Atlantic & Lake Erie, London and Midlands, India, China, France, Spain, S Sweden, London and Western, and N Germany: 2.00 pounds.
Add postage.


If you want to design your own map, you may download a blank hex sheet.
You may download a worddocument with a set of racecards.


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