Word Games Plaza: Hangman

Hangman is of course everyones favourite. Who hasn't played this game. The rules and drawings at this page should not be regarded as the ultimo and only correct way to play the game. Agree before starting the game what the drawing should be.

Number of Players:

2- 10


A minimum age of about 7 or 8 seems advisable.


Pencil & paper.


About 2 minutes per player

Object of the Game:

To be the first to find the secret word.

To start:

One player, it does not matter who, writes down a word. This word is called the secret word. The secret word should be INvisible to all players. He does write down, visible to everybody, a number of dots equal to the length of the secret word.

How to Play:

The end:

When the secret word is guessed, the game is over. Also, when the hangman drawing is complete and the word is not guessed, the game ends.


No point are scored. The player guessing the secret word is considered the winner.


The hangman should look something like:

- - - -

|/     |

|     O

|   /O\

|    /  \


- - - - -

This corresponds with 9 tries:

  1. base rod
  2. standing rod
  3. top rod
  4. supporting rod
  5. rope
  6. head
  7. body
  8. arms
  9. legs

Kids Fun Rating

Our four kids rated the fun of this game (1 is awfull, 10 means 'play this always')
Piet-Jan (11) 5
Margreet (10) 7
Klaas (9) 5
Joella (7) 5