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There are many books on domino games. The ones listed here are not necessarily the best. The most common reason is that I happen to own them, or that a visitor like you mailed a description. I have tried to add a description which allows you to make up your own mind.

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Nr Author Title ISBN Description
1 Miguel Lugo 0 8069 17 938 This book delves deep into the rules and strategies of play of domino as played at international competitions. A MUST BUY if you are serious about you domino playing. Miguel will bring your level of play up to champion level!
2 Jennifer A. Kelley Great Book of Domino Games 0 8069 4259 2 Rather thin despite it's name, but readily available, and reads easily. Concise rules of all major domino games, and includes an introduction to the domino terms. This book has been published very recently, so it includes a description of chicken foot.
3 R. C. Bell Discovering dice and dominoes

0 8526 35 32 R.C. Bells books are always very concise and reliable, and this book is no exception!
4 A.H. Morehead


Hoyle's rules of games 0 3852 496 24 The 1991 hardcover edition, a worthwhile addition to your library and a great Birthday gift!

5 A.H. Morehead


Hoyle's rules of games

0 4511 630 95 The is the mass market paperback edition, may 1991.
6 J. Belton

J. Cramblit

Domino Games

0-8172-0626-4 This book has very clear and rules and a clear layout. A small gem, aimed at children, but well worth reading for beginning adults. Rules for the draw game, Fortress, Concentration, Muggins, Matador, and Eleven point black tile. Starts with an excellent chapter on domino terms, and every game comes with a sample game.
7 F. Schuh The master book of mathematical recreations standard book number 486-22134-2 Allthough perhaps outdated, it carries a 30 page section on domino puzzles. A must for every puzzle lover.
8 P. Beaver Victorian parlor games 0-8407-6608-4 Description of the block game, sebastopol or Fortress, Matadors and Bergen. Not suitable for children, as also the betting game of Loo is described.
9 Gary M. Graddy

Suzanne Goldberg


(from the Rules of the Game series)

1 8875 9401 9 With the experience of the other books of the series, this should be a good work of reference.
10 Malcolm Bryant Dominoes: 67 games and tricks  0 8306 1308 0
11 Jack Botermans

Tony Burrett

Pier van Delft

Carla van Splunteren

Een wereld vol spelletjes (dutch)

The world of games: their origins and history, how to play them, and how to make them.

90 274 18411 (dutch)

0 8160 2184 8 (english)

Also available in English.

Descriptions of chinese dominoes (Tiu-u, Tau Ngau, Pai Kow, Tien Kow, Mah Jong) as well as Cyprus, Matador, Bergen, Tiddle a Wink and Blind Hughie.

12 Berndt Fredrick The Domino Book 0 8407 6401 4 This title seems to be out of print. I do not have it, but the title sounds promising. Amazon will query bookshops for you on request.
13 Reiner F. Muller Dominoes: rules and variations 0 8069 3880 3
14 Ann Wilson  Spel, spelen spelletjes 90 5426 654 6 A translation of 'The family book of games' in Dutch. Among others it describes the block game, All Five, Remise, Fives and Threes, Sebastopol, and a number of puzzles.
15 Mary D. Lankford Dominoes around the world 0 6881 4051 3 Concentrates on regional games, just as the title says.
16 Dennis Roberson Winning 42 : Strategy & Lore of the National Game of Texas

0 8967 2384 4 Solely on the game of Texas 42, but this topic is covered in great detail, with a great love and a warm smile.

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