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At the Domino Plaza you can find the rules to virtually any domino game on earth. If you are looking for the rules of a domino game, you've come to the right place.
If we don't have the rules ourselves, you will probably find a link to somewhere else.

'Je joue aux dominos...
Ma foi, c'est un beau jeu'
Alfred de Musset


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The Domino Plaza was designed way back around 1995-1997. Some of the texts still remain unchanged from that period.
Way back in 1997 the layout was regarded as very clear, the content was regarded as very useful the site won several prizes. At least one company violated - and still violates - the copyright rules and copied all the rules to their own website, only slightly adapting the text and adapting the layout to their won style.
But the world has changed. The layout was now considered out of date and out of line with the rest of the web. So it was time for a big overhaul at least for the main page. The main page has uundergone a big overhaul, and will probably see further improvements over the year.
It is also time for some expansion of the content.Mr. Mark Howard, San Mateo, USA, was kind enough to send us the rules of a game we had not heard of before.


  • The Draw game : one of the two basic games with dominoes.
  • The Block game : well, uh, the other of the two basic games.
  • Draw and Block are two excellent starting points if you have never played the game before.
    The Draw game has been illustrated with a sample game which you may find helpful in clarifying the rules.
The rules of the other game are represented here in alphabetical sequence.
  • Pai Gow
  • Patience II
  • Patience III
  • Patience IV
  • Rummikub
  • Sebastopol
  • Sniff
  • Stratego
  • Texas 42
  • Tien Gow
  • Tiddly Wink
  • Tiu U

  • Puzzles

    Many authors of books on dominoes have included a section about the many kinds of domino puzzles which are possible. It is my intention to extend this site with a series of puzzles, about twice a year. At the moment I can serve you with:
    Issue 1998 quarter 2
    Issue 1998 quarter 3
    Issue 1999 quarter 1
    Issue 2007 quarter 4
    The good news is that after an absence of nearly a decade, the domino puzzles are finally back!
    Issue 2008 quarter 1
    Issue 2008 quarter 2
    Issue 2008 quarter 3
    Issue 2008 quarter 4New!


    One commercial variation marketed is triominoes. Trioker is a smaller version of triominoes, with only the values 0-3 being present. Also, there is a difference in that symmetrical pieces (0-1-2 and 0-2-1) both exist. Monsieur JMarc Genevey devoted his trioker homepage to Trioker. The site is in french, but lavishly equipped with graphics, so only a basic knowledge will already enable you to understand the pages.

    In addition, triominoes is used as the name of the two ways in which three squares can be joined. These pieces are usually not used for agmes, but for puzles. Their larger cousins, tetrominoes, pentominoes and hexominoes are even more well known for the numerous puzles which have been devised with them.

    Buy dominoes

    The Game Store sells dominoes, including a double fifteen set.
    So does the The Game preserve, with double 6, 9, 12 and 15 sets.

    Download software

    John G. Miller offers a nice selection of domino games. The Basic version is available for free download but has only a subset of all the games. The Online version offers all games. The Deluxe version offers all games and online play, as well as a hot-seat multiplayer mode.

    Curtis Cameron offers a 42 game for download, both for MS Windows and Hewlett-Packard 100LX and 200LX palmtops.

    'bones' by Slick.

    MacIntosh owners are encouraged to try Tricks House of Mac goodies

    ZDNET offers the classic game for download to your pc.

    History and bookstore

    Of course you want to know everything about dominoes. For further reading on both the history of dominoes, the rules of domino games and more puzzles please visit our library and bookshop.

    A solid online source of information on the history of dominoes is that of James Masters. There is also an excellent section on the history of dominoes at The Game Cabinet.

    Playing on the web

    The nuber of places where you can play dominoes on the web has grown considerably since the domino plaza started around 1995. claims to provide:a clean atmosphere where families or individuals may come and enjoy a friendly game of 42. A place where people of all ages, from many different places may meet, chat and have a good time.. lets you playe a simple draw game against the computer.

    Spanish site Block game.

    Jeremy collects domino sets.

    Tipping dominoes

    Allthough not as popular as ordinary dominoes, attempts to improve the world record in tipping dominoes can be very spectacular. The current world record dates from 17 November 2006 on Domino Day where 4,079,381 stones were toppled out of the 4,400,000, in the FEC halls in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. The 2007 Domino day failed to break the 2006 record.

    Sites about tipping dominoes:

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    © 1997 by Z. Teun Spaans. You are free to use the rules listed at my site for personal use.
    1998 has seen a steady growth of companies producing the new double 15 set. Two companies (both mentioned above in the BUY DOMINOES section)sell dominoes through the web.
    My personal contacts so far with both have been pleasant, and no, they are not paying for the domino plaza in any way.