Domino - Patience IV

Patience is a solitair domino game. This version has the simplest rules of all patiences described here. It is described here in a standard format.

Number of players
As all patiences and solitairs, this game is for 1 player only.

About 5 to 10 minutes.

One domino game with stones 0-6.

Object of the game
To play all dominoes.

The deal
All dominoes are shuffled face down. Put them before you in four rows of seven dominoes each. Turn them all up - you have complete information. Pick out the double six and put it in the middle of  an open spot on the table.

The rules

  1. You may only take one of the four right most dominoes from the four rows in front of you.
  2. All bones played must be played to a free end (starting with double 6) and must match numbers.
  3. The layout always has two open ends, each sprouting from the first stone.
  4. If you can not legally play a domino, you have lost.
  5. Doubles are played crosswise as usual.

The end
The game is won when you succeed in playing all dominoes.

Small variations
You can play this game with larger sets such as the double-nine or double twelve set. Larger sets are harder, and the larger the set the harder the game. For the double nine game, use 5 rows of eleven dominoes.

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