The tiddly wink game

Tiddly Wink is the block game but adapted for a large number of players, say 6 to 9.

Number of players
The game is for 5 to 9 players.

about 10 minutes

One domino game with stones 0-6.

Object of the game
The first player to domino wins.

The deal
All players put an equal ante into the pool. The winner takes the pool.
All bones are shuffled face down. All bones are distributed equally among the players. Any remaining bones are put aside and are not used.
The player with the highest double puts it in the middle.

The rules

  1. Play may only be from one end of the first double.
  2. Adjacent sides must always match.
  3. If a player can not legally play a bone, he must pass his turn. No bones are drawn from the boneyard.
  4. Doublets are placed crosswise as usual.
  5. A player playing a double is entitled to play another bone. This includes the player who plays the leading doublet.

The end
The game ends when one player goes domino (plays his last bone) or when all players have consecutively passed. The player who dominoes wins and takes the pool. If everyone passed, all players add another ante to the pool and a new round is played.

Small variations
Hoyles rules of games tells to give each player 3 bones regardless of the number of players.

OK, here we go:

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