Domino - Concentration

Concentration is a memory game.

Number of players
The game is for 2 to 6 players.

about 5 to 10 minutes

One domino game with stones 0-6. The game may be played with larger sets.

Object of the game
The player to collect most domino pairs wins the game. A pair of dominoes is a pair whose total spots equal 12.

The deal
All bones are shuffled face down. Every player picks a bone and turns it up. The player with the highest number of spots may start. Mix all tiles again. With the double 6 set, there are 28 tiles which are layed down in a 4 x 7 rectangle, face down.

The rules

  1. Only dominoes whose spots total 12 make up a pair, such as 1-5 and 4-2.
  2. In your turn you may turn two tiles face up.
  3. If the two tiles make up a pair, you put them in front of you. Your turn ends.
  4. If the two tiles do not make up a pair, the turn passes on to the next player. Turn the two tiles face down again. Your turn ends.

The end
The game ends when there are no tiles left to turn over. Every player counts the number of tiles hepicked up. A player receives one point for every tile picked up. The first player to score more then 50 points wins the game.

To play with a double 9 set,

  1. lay th tiles down in a rectangle of 5 x 11.
  2. pair tiles on a total of 18.

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